Testing and Certification

Jewelry is allured by one and all. Whether it is the auspicious ceremony of marriage, birth of child, engagement ceremony...

Jewelry is allured by one and all. Whether it is the auspicious ceremony of marriage, birth of child, engagement ceremony, anniversary celebration, festival or frolic the involvement of jewelry and gems cannot be negated. In fact, in India every significant occasion and celebration is associated with purchasing, gifting and receiving jewelry ornate with gems. While immense emphasis is given to the design and the value of the same, there is another extremely imperative objective which cannot be obliterated. This aspect is associated with certification and authentication of gem and jewelry.

In order to aid the general people, the GIE has set up an international standard laboratory. The laboratory is well equipped and furnished with gem testing equipment which is associated with international standards. Modern technology makes our testing establish a paradigm of certification and authentication. Just when you thought, this is it, our certified, qualified and experienced gemologists provide with the most accurate and apt result of testing and certifying diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. This particular asset bespeaks of our acclaim and renowned verification. Our experienced gemologists are alumni of top brands of international institutes in gemology, thus making us the best in the field. Experience and knowledge is an imperative feature of the gem industry. We have both of these, making us the best in the class.

Advanced set up, techniques and staff, which we boast of, enables us to provide with the following:-

Diamond Grading- there are 4Cs indispensable when you consider the value of a diamond. These involve color, clarity, carat weight and cut. The criterion of diamond grading which is of international acclamation was developed by the Gemological Institute of America. The imperative aspect of diamond grading is provided by us. Gemstone identification- Gemstones have immense impact on the life of the individual. There are many numbers of individuals who rely on them and have a firm belief. However, the gemstones work only when they are authentic. Hence, there is a need of gemstone identification for the same.

Jewelry Quality analysis and Sealed Report analysis are other imperative features associated with us.
Report verification service is another beneficial service. It enables you to match the paper report, which we have with the one which is present in our database. This leaves no doubt with respect to the jewelry, the gem or the diamond. It is with the aid of certification that the much needed assurance and confidence is built up. In fact, it is this significant feature which aids in traders and exporters to earn trust.