Admission procedure

You are of immense significance for us at the Gemological Institute of Excellence.....

You are of immense significance for us at the Gemological Institute of Excellence. We aim to make the country a global leader in the gem industry. And, this is possible with education.

Education is one such parameter which carves the path for great successes. There is no limitation once; you have achieved the required skill, theoretical knowledge and practical experience. We provide with each of it, with our well trained staff. The industrial visits, the symposiums and the seminars make sure that you have one of the finest levels of high quality education. Whether it is our well equipped library, teaching-centric approach or plethora of courses we offer, there is not an aspect which you should be perplexed about. Hence, if you want to experience the best of class education, we are the ace institute for pursuing the same.

Here is a list of the norms you will be required to take care of when docking in for admission.

  • Eligibility and Admission criteria- we do not need any elementary degree or course certificate in the gem industry. Our minimum qualification is really simple. Our eligibility criteria include 10+2 or higher secondary or senior secondary pass out certificate from a recognized educational institute.

  • Fees- in our website, we have listed a comprehensive list of the fees you are required to pay. You have to decide in accordance with the course you are interested in. You have to make sure to pay the fee well in time. In fact, you need to pay complete fees in advance. You can pay the same through cash, bank draft or cheque. For the latter, the cheque will be in favor of “Gemological Institute of Excellence and Institute”.

  • Fee refund- we do understand that you may be trapped in some sort of unforeseen situation, even after you have been selected for the course and paid the fees. It is in situations like these that we pay you back the amount, after deducting 20% of the amount. This 20% is the processing fee, which is non-refundable. However, it is significant at here for you to understand that no refunding is done once, the course has initiated. This is our most definite rule.

Procedure for applying

At the office of our institute, Gemological Institute of Excellence, the admission forms are available. You are required to take the form and fill it up completely. The fees also need to be filled up with the completed form. You can get registered with us through the process.

However, for you to get enrolled with our institute, the admission and interview criteria as finalized by the Head of the Institute is to be considered. The final decision remains with the institute.

If you are planning to make your career in the field of Gemology, pursue the business or make your mark in your field, we provide the best education. Every parameter is taken care of by us with nothing less than the optimum. Your road to ultimate success initiates with us!