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You are the parameter of our success at the Gemological Institute of Excellence (GIE).

Gemological Institute of Excellence

You are the parameter of our success at the Gemological Institute of Excellence (GIE). India, the country beautiful is continuously being witnessed as a global leader in the various facets. With the promotion of professionalism in gem and jewelry industry, we aim to make it a global leader in the gem industry. And this we intend to pursue with our world class education and laboratory services.

Our inception

We are managed and executed by a team of young graduate gemologists who are alumni of India. Our objective was to become a comprehensive one-stop shop for international quality education and testing service in order to provide with authentic and certified gemstones.

Education with GIE

We are leading gemological laboratory and institute. Thus, we are associated with the top notch attributes to provide you with an excellent education. Whether it is state-of-the-art infrastructure, latest techniques, excellent methodologies, well learned staff, we have it all. In order to suffice your query here is a list of our features, which make us the best in the class institute.

  • We are nestled at prime location in Noida. Hence, we are easily accessible for you. Our modern classrooms are air conditioned so as to provide you with just the apt atmosphere for learning and teaching. We are well equipped with the latest teaching audio and visual aids to make learning more interesting and enriching. This is not it. You must be well aware of the need of a well furnished library. With our live job database and well equipped library, you have immense to look forward to.

  • We well understand that every individual has different needs. Hence, we have designed and fabricated a plethora of programs and courses for you. So, we have the part time programs, distance learning and even the customized programs. You can also take the benefit of our diamond grading and jewelry design programs.

  • We believe in practical application. Hence, we have a vivid collection of diamonds and gemstones. This we provide with since, we believe in providing with high quality education.

  • Practical knowledge is the need of the present. Hence, with the aid of our alumni, we fabricate many numbers of industrial visits, seminars, workshops and lectures. The best of industrial experts and experienced professionals aid in this procedure.

  • Our library has a vivid variety of reference books, CDs, manuals, magazines and even the live database. This is pursued so as to provide you as our students with maximum benefit.

Mr.Amit Singh

Gemologist Mr Amit Singh is specialised in gem identification and categorization of a gemstone.

Gemologist Mr Amit Singh is specialised in gem identification and categorization of a gemstone. He is an internationally accredited certified gemologist practising this science since last 10 years. Gemology is a science of gemstone, which deals with the study, and identification of various gemstones and it needs a sharp expertise for the recognization of a natural gemstone.

By qualification, Mr Amit Singh is a “Bachelor in Geography” and G.D.D.T. (Graduate Diploma in Diamond Technology) from Indian Diamond Institute, Surat, Gujarat. He has spent decades in testing and identifying diamonds and planetary gemstones. He started his career as a gemologist in Surat. He has contributed as a senior gemologist and diamond grader in Gem Craft Jewelry Institute, Lajpat Nagar and hold an expertise in diamond grading, gemological analysis of diamond characteristics, and quality control of gemstones. He has also contributed as a Diamond grader at Gemological Science International (GSI), India, a subsidiary of GSI, New York, USA, Lab gemologist at ImaGem technologies Pvt Ltd, Surat, Quality Controller at Om Diamond and Gem Lab Chandigarh and a Senior Gemologist and Diamond grader at Gem Craft Jewelry Institute, New Delhi.

Amit Singh has graded more than 80,000 gemstones and diamonds until now. He is also a visiting faculty in various gem labs to impart proper expertise for gem identification as it impossible to observe and identify a natural precious and semi-precious gemstone with a naked eye. Mr Amit has an eye for detail on the identification and categorization of Astro gemstones.

Mr Amit is practical and a very confident person. Although he is a gemologist, he can also grade the planetary gemstones based on colors, luster, cut and clarity. He also provides training in gemological science for those who are keen to pursue the same.