We carve the path of job for you

At GIE WORLD WIDE, Gemological Institute of Excellence, we have fabricated and designed a plethora of courses for the learners and students....

At GIE WORLD WIDE, Gemological Institute of Excellence, we have fabricated and designed a plethora of courses for the learners and students. The objective behind them is simple. We aspire to provide the students with world class education, so that they receive education par excellence. In order to pursue the same, we offer best in the industry team of professionals and instructors. In fact, it is the instructor which is the backbone of our institute. At the same time we have the ace infrastructure to equip the students with facilities. Technological updated instruments are utilized to teach the students the best of the theory and practical to achieve the job of their dreams whether it is an Auction House Jewelry Specialist, Gemologist or Quality Control Professional.

At the same time we offer the following aid to the students who enroll with us for our courses:-

  • 1. Preparation assistance- there goes much more to avail the job of your choice, than mere studies. Hence, our team provides complete assistance in preparing the students for the job which they aspire to. We help to provide those required norms and rules which carve the career path.

  • 2. Resume preparation- if you have ever sent a resume, prepared one or have experienced an interview, you do understand the significance of resume preparation. Simply writing down your qualification does not qualify for a perfect resume. Much more goes into it. There is the need of expert guidance when you send your resume for your job. A resume is the first impression a company or a firm has about you. We understand this aspect completely. Hence, our team makes sure to help you with the resume preparation, so that your finest qualities and deserving qualification catches the eye of the interviewer.

  • 3. Cover letter- you are pursuing our course. There is a probability of two features associated with this. You may be updating your skills or you may be fabricating a fresh career for yourself. Whatever may be the objective behind the course you are pursuing, it should make sure to take your career to novel heights! It is for this acumen, that every aspect is taken care with scrutiny. Hence, we provide assistance with letter writing and making of cover letter through our staff members. It will reflect your professional side and at the same time make a worthwhile first impression.

  • 4. Interview- you have been called for the interview. This is really nice. However, this is where your final test initiates. So, you need to be well prepared to answer the questions asked in the interview. Whether you are being interviewed for the job of Jewelry Designer or Lab & Research Professional, excellence is expected. You need to give every answer with utmost confidence and show the interviewer an insight with regards to your skills. This is again taken care of by our team members.

  • 5. Database- we at GIE WORLD WIDE, maintain a good database of job offerings in the jewelry industry. Hence, you can benefit from the same.

So, go ahead enroll in the course of your choice, and avail the finest of education!