The courses we offer

In order to make the country, a global leader in the gem industry and to open fresh career perspectives for students....

In order to make the country, a global leader in the gem industry and to open fresh career perspectives for students, we at GIE WORLD WIDE offer a plethora of courses. Our courses are so fabricated that the students are able to gain maximum benefit. You are able to learn comprehensively and at the same time gain relevant practical information. We have the requisite infrastructure to teach the students the best. We are well aware of the international standards, hence, make sure that you are availed the required norms to become the industry leader. Excellence is the attribute we carry with us in every niche, to achieve every goal and avail every objective.

In order to suffice you with the knowledge with regards to our course, here is a brief account:-

  • Advanced Gem Identification- this primary requirement if you want to make your mark in this industry. We make sure to pursue this course with firsthand knowledge and books. By the end of the course you will be able to become a technical expert. You will also be in the position to identify and grade the most precious stones and gems. With seamless effort you will be able to translate the knowledge acquired in the gem industry in order to achieve success in business. Imperative aspects about gems like cut, clarity, color and carat will be taught with excellence at our institute. Again, you will be taught with respect to the physical properties of the various gemstones. The mining of gemstones and its formation also make an imperative part of our curriculum teaching. As soon as you are done with the course, your resume will ensure, that you get the position of an expert grader or qualified instructor.

  • Colored-Stones & Gem Identification- whether you have a jewelry business, planning to indulge into one or making your career in this industry, it is imperative that you have a comprehensive knowledge with regards to the versatility of gems with accuracy. In fact, it is with this course you will be able to achieve benefit, if you are planning for astrology as a career. Hence, with this course of ours, we make sure that you understand the basic concept about identification of gems and colored stones very well. You will also be taught market awareness. An in depth knowledge with regards to retail avenues will also be provided to you. Again, detection of treatments, synthetics and its limitation is made well versed to you.

  • Advanced Diamond Grading- diamonds are by far the most exquisite and loved gem. With people getting more and more interested in purchasing this beautiful gem, it is worth to pursue this course. With this course, we make sure to teach you the technical expertise required to purchase, sell and grade diamonds. In our course, is also inculcated the theory regarding the present day diamond market, formation of diamond, the procedure of diamond grading and steps to pursue successful sale. Yet again, you are taught the principle which aids you in distinguishing diamonds, diamond stimulants and synthetics.