GIE provides with an immensely friendly and supportive atmosphere for learning. The faculty, the exposure and the laboratory techniques, each provide with an impeccable experience right here in the city of Delhi.
Tanvi Kapoor
The GIE ensures not leaving a single stone unturned whether it’s the facilities or the faculty. They have the best of the courses designed for the students.

Rajiv Malhotra
The library of the GIE is indeed the best of the many assets. I was able to refer a variety of books, manuals and even take the aid of CDs.
Rani Kumari
If you are looking for a gemological institute with international standards, this institute has it all. It has provided me with amazing experiences.
Rahul Vaidya
The faculty of the IGL is very helping and supportive. They are always there to guide and educate the students. I am very happy with the teachings.
Tuhina Singh