Distance is not a problem for us!

We at GIE WORLD WIDE, offer versatility in courses associated with Gem Identification and the like. In fact....

We at GIE WORLD WIDE, offer versatility in courses associated with Gem Identification and the like. In fact, we make sure that not a single stone is unturned to assure that you are on the receiving end of quality education. We understand that the need of every student is different. At the same time, we know that you have many responsibilities in your life. In order to aid you in taking care of all of them with excellence and pursuing learning of new course, we offer Distance learning, Extension classes and customized courses. Each of the categories is so fabricated and designed, that you as the learner is able to get maximum knowledge.

So, here are our attributes associated with the courses we offer-

  • Distance learning-there is a probability that you have a job. And, similarly you may be required to avail the courses such as Diamond Grading, Colored-Stones & Gem Identification and Retail Jewelry Business skills. With us you will be able to get the required knowledge with respect to the above courses in a hassle free manner. All you need to do is register with us. And, even when you are in another state, you can gain benefit from the same. Our distance learning course has simple and easy to read course material. We send the material by post or email. In fact, we make sure that you are provided the same course material as taught in the campus classes. So, you will be able to understand every aspect of the course with ease in your time slot. The best aspect is that you right their sitting at your home, are able to learn course fabricated by the industry expert. Convenience is yours and course material is ours. Again, since, we know that you have immense in your platter our distance education courses are self paced. This implies that you have enough time in accordance with your choice to complete the course. Yet again, if you have any sort of query or problem associated, your instructor is just a call away. You can also email your instructor for ease of understanding any point or matter. So, your course is made easy and your assignment hassle free with our distance learning.

  • Extension classes-just like the three courses offered in distance learning, we provide the extension learning for the same. The classes for the courses are held twice in a week, on consecutive days-Saturday and Sunday. If you are unable to attend on-campus classes, you can avail the same with ease. However, in order to get a seat in these classes, you are required to register for at least 6 weeks in advance.

  • Customized classes-in accordance with the need and priorities of our students, we also fabricate tailor made classes. This aspect depends on your need with regards to the contents, timings and durations.

So, go ahead enroll in the course of your choice, and avail the finest of education!